Elastic Multifunctional Training Rope

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Long-term use can beautify the human body curve, strengthen muscle lines, especially the upper arm muscles. It also has a strong fitness effect. Not only can it thin thighs, waist, strengthen biceps, it can also treat muscle soreness. This fitness band can strengthen the function of other body parts, and eliminate the excess body fat layer so that your figure will become more fit.

Elastic Multifunctional Training Rope HIIT gear

1. Brand New and High Quality.
2. Great for home-based strength training.
3. Made from premium quality TPR and will not over-stretch unlike the cheaper ones.
4. It allows you to tone and sculpt every muscle group.
5. Both for men and women.
6. Color can be customized.
7. With foam handles at both ends for professional men fitness exercise
  • Application: Pull Rope
  • Color: yellow, blue, red, green, black
  • Gender: Unisex