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Top 10 HIIT gear and Equipment

Top 10 HIIT gear and Equipment

HIIT is short for high intensity interval training, as the name suggests. The training method includes intensive workouts with intervals between them. The science behind it is that the intensive the workout is, the more it burns your calories.

It also shapes your muscle and helps with your cardio. But that’s not all, it is even more important to be doing it the right way. So if you are new to it? Make sure you have a trainer around. Below are some of the gears and equipment that you can use to conduct an effective HIIT. Some of them are easily accessible. While others are harder to find.

10) Jump rope

As easy as it may sound, it actually isn’t if intended for HIIT. Give yourself a target. Let’s say nonstop jumps for a minute with intervals of 10 seconds, and then repeat, and if that’s easy for you? You can include 5 burpees before the 10 second interval. Burpees are a great way to increase the intensity of your workout. Jump rope doesn’t even cost much nor does it need one to go somewhere, doesn’t even need space. This is a must have gear if you are looking into HIIT.

9) Bicycle

Bicycling may be effortless while riding it the regular way, but let’s say you want to carry out an HIIT with it. It actually turns out to be very effective method. Find a long empty road where you can drag race with your bike for a minute straight. And then take 10 seconds of rest before returning back to the point you started. Repeating it several times will definitely leave you worked out. You can make it even more effective by riding on inclined plane. Giving yourself the interval while rolling back down.

8) Air dyne (Arm Bike)

Now we are talking equipment’s! Arm bikes as the name suggests include arms along with the traditional leg workout. This body motion if done with full effort burns calories instantly and you can even feel it in your first rep. Repeat this with 10 second intervals and make sure to give your full effort. You can even make it harder by setting the arm bike on levels you are able to beat. The more your legs go through, the more calories you burn.

7) Jacob’s ladder

This inclined ladder belt utilizes most of the muscles in your body. Although you might find it difficult to adjust with increased speed. But give it sometime and your body will fit in with the rhythm. The arms can play a vital role if the inclination is set lower, forcing the whole body to work to the max. To make it intensive, increase speed and inclination with 20 seconds of interval!

6) Spin bike            

Spin bikes are great for those who like to work out indoor. Plus it has an extra option of difficulty level making it harder to paddle. The effects are more or same like the regular bicycle. With an extra advantage of not needing to find an inclined plane. Set the difficulty higher and give your full effort for a nonstop 2 minutes. Intervals can vary from 10-20 seconds depending on the training level.

5) Rowing machine

This is one of the best cardio workouts out there if done the right way. You do not need to put on extra weight as the intention is not to build muscle. But also to give your body the intense workout and cardio for HIIT. If done the right way, 5 minutes of HIIT with this equipment will get you worked out!

4) Pair of boxing gloves

This might seem a bit off topic, but it’s worth it. Boxing is not about using your arms. Proper boxing requires a complete body motion. The energy often comes from within rather than external. You would need a boxing bag as well. Intended for HIIT and performed right, this can be an intensive workout alternative.

3) Stair mill         

This never-ending set of stairs is a great way to perform HIIT. The speed can be set higher for a vigorous full body workout. Make sure the body weight isn’t distributed on the arm resting bars, rather let the arms move to go with the flow. Intervals can last up to 20 seconds depending on the difficulty level. This is one of the best equipment to perform HIIT on.

2) Pulldown rope

Pulling down on heavy weights is not required. Rather pulling down and forth is important. Done with adequate weights and a little bit of leg motion involves the whole body in this HIIT method. Taking minimal intervals is the key to make this more effective. As it can get difficult when performed vigorously.

1) Treadmill           

Running is the best cardio as it requires the whole body to work. HIIT can also be perfect over a treadmill. Starting of gradually to warm up and then maintaining high speed is the key. You can take intervals by grabbing the side bar and getting off it or gradually reducing the speed. Make sure to run on the fastest speed you can to make this an effective HIIT or else this will just be regular running. There’s even an inclination options to take you to the next level.

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