How often should you do HIIT?

How often should you do HIIT? | HIIT gear

HIIT involves high-intensity physical body activity that requires you to really strain and stretch yourself such that when you are done you just feel like fainting.  So many, get are looking for losing weight fast workouts and diet plans so they always love to jump on the idea of HIIT that offers quick exercise routine to your fat burning. But how often should you do HIIT?

I mean, who wants to spend the days on a treadmill, if they can get the job done with a 15 minutes HIIT workout program. No doubt, it really does the job. It keeps your heart pumping at a very high rate, it gets the blood flowing and spikes up metabolism very fast. The results are quite heartwarming if it is paired with a great diet. However, because of its high intensity, it is not recommended by experts that HIIT should be done every day.

Benefits of HIIT

  • A maximal Body toner: When you think of HIIT, the action and intensity involved allow much work to be done on the muscles. It really helps in toning the muscles fast. The best of it is that it affects all parts of your body while you are at it. It tones your arms and your abs, also your thighs while you are at it. Some techniques like the roll to tuck technique have a high impact on the abdomen.

  • Quick impact: making HIIT as part of your workout routine impacts your body quickly. You begin to see changes from fat burn to muscle toning. Because of its high impact and intensity, it causes high oxygen exchange rate and expands your breathing level, causing you to even burn more fat and calories after you are done with the work. This enables your body to burn fat after a workout.

  • An all round cardiovascular routine: HIIT is an all round routine, it tones all parts of the body and boost cardiovascular activities in the body. Engaging in the HIIT program for a simple workout routine would result in positive changes on all parts of your body.  So, how often should you do HIIT?


Why HIIT should not be done Daily
In fact, experts say that, if you are doing it daily, then it is more likely that you are not doing it correctly. Because of the high level of intensity required it often causes much strain this is why there are breaks in between each workout routine for you to rest.  It is possible that if you have the energy to stretch yourself that hard, then you should go through your routine to check if you are getting all your positioning right. 
One of the main reasons why it is advised to not take up HIIT daily is because of the potential risk of causing you injury. After a 15 minutes HIIT workout routine, a day in between can help your muscles relax and come back to normal. Going at it all day increases strain on muscles and can be very dangerous.

How often should you do HIIT?
Experts recommend that it should be done 2-3 times in a week, preferably 3 times a week. HIIT requires you to really push yourself hard, such that you should take some time to rest.  Yes, even for the short period of time that the routine is done. If it is done right, you would be stretching your arms, legs, thighs and especially getting blood to pup really fast. For instance, doing HIIT sprints require very fast sprints for a short time an then you rest in between. Those short sprints should be done as fast as possible.
HIIT always require you to engage your core before you begin; making you see that it really affects your whole body. Every part of your body is under a stretch for that short period of time, however at a very high intensity.  Having days in between when you don’t do HIIT helps you recover and also, gets you to look forward to the next routine.
In answering; how often should you do HIIT? Fitness expert also remarked, that when you do it all the time, it fails to stick as a core part of your life’s work out routine, it begins to seem like you are just after a quick goal and this would often end of bad, which is an injury.   You might also get burned out easily with no long lasting result because you might slip off if you can’t continue with it.

Workouts routine that you can do in between to supplement HIIT

  • Do yoga: Yoga is a very important and rejuvenating activity that helps the body to repair and relax. After a high intensity works out like HIIT, your muscles need some stretching and relaxation. You can take up doing yoga in between your HIIT workout time. Blending yoga with high-intensity workouts is highly recommended by experts because of its added benefits. Taking up yoga would help you increase mental focus, relax your muscles and get your prepared for another session of HIIT.

  • Think of taking up a sport: You can carry out fun activities like cycling, dancing, and basketball. HIIT actually helps you better in these sports. It is important that you are well relaxed while also burning calories for the next session of your HIIT workout.


Regular work out VS HIIT

 It is advised to carry out normal body workouts every day, due to immersed benefits on the body and mind. How often should you do HIIT because it is not a regular workout? It is highly recommended that you take up this workout but you can be cautious about it and do it rightly by ensuring that you do it only when you should.

The cool part of taking up HIIT is that you would observe the immense benefits of this exercise very quickly as long as you are doing it right.