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All you need to know about carb cycling diet

All you need to know about carb cycling diet

In life there are various ways we can live our lives which affects the life outcomes, morbidity rates and our general health. Some of these factors include how we conduct and decide on our lifestyle. Our lifestyle can be bad or good. Some of the various lifestyles recommended by scientists and researchers included doing enough exercises, avoiding harmful substances and at the same time ensuring that we have a healthy diet. One of the diets that have been commonly recommended for various people include the carb cycling diet. Therefore, this article will have all you need to know about carb cycling diet. Therefore, it is highly recommended for those individuals who are in this category and this might bring a lot of benefits to their lives.

        What is a carb cycling diet?   

As the term goes it is evident whoever doesn’t know what exactly this term means, have an idea that there are some carbohydrate molecules involved. This article will explain significantly about this diet. Before we define what it is exactly let’s think of what normally happens. Most of the successful diets have either restricted carbohydrates or even don’t allow it at all. But coming to think about it all nutrients are very important and therefore to have optimum amount of carbohydrates it is important to feed on optimum amounts of carbohydrates. Through carb cycling. Therefore, carb cycling is a method of feeding whereby a person alternates carbohydrates feeding on a daily, weekly or a monthly basis. The main reasons as to why this method of feeding is practiced are to allow for a person whose BMI is high to lose some fat while at the same time combining the method with exercises. Therefore, one of the major aims of the carb cycling diet is to ensure that a person ensures efficient use of carbohydrates whereby he or she feeds on carbohydrates when they are needed and reduces or uses none when they are not needed.

       Factors considered while deciding on the program

There are various significant factors that need to be considered while there is need to start a carb cycling program. One of the factors that need to be checked on clearly is the goals in terms of the desired composition of the body. For example, it is possible to lose weight adequately by reducing the amount of carbohydrates fed on. However, at the same time, there is a possibility of adding muscles if this program is combined with exercises. Another factor considered is the days that are supposed to be used for exercises and those for training. Scientists and researchers usually recommend that the amount of carbohydrates should be increased during the time of exercises and reduced during resting days. This helps to make the program effective. Another important factor is considering some of the events ahead or competitions. One example is the situation whereby athletes usually load a lot of carbohydrates. Another situation is evaluating the intensity of exercises. If the exercises are likely to be intensive it is important to ensure that a person loads enough carbohydrates.

      How the program is done

This program usually is carried out in various ways. One of the ways is by having two days of high carbohydrate intake, two days of moderate intake and finally three days of feeding on little amounts of carbohydrates. Usually, proteins intake should not be altered, however, fat intake usually depends on the amount of carbohydrates being fed on. When a person feeds on high levels of carbohydrates he should consequently feed on low amounts of fat. At the same time when a person feeds on low amounts of carbohydrates, he should feed on high amounts of fats.

     The scientific explanation of carb cycling

Carb cycling is a method that has been suggested by various scientists and researchers and therefore it is based on a certain scientific explanation. The science behind it means is based on the metabolism of carbohydrates and how they are utilized in the body. Therefore, this helps to find ways through which carbohydrates are provided when they are needed most and reduced when there is no great need for the carbohydrates. High carbohydrates intake days are very useful in that they help to rebuild the muscles by replenishing the glucose stores. They are also important in regulating the production of hormones that are responsible for the regulation of appetite and they include ghrelin and leptin. Low carbohydrate diet around the time of intensive activity is very important since it helps to increase insulin sensitivity.

       Is carb cycling good for losing weight?

This is the biggest question that is frequently asked about this program. According to many theories and its mechanism of action it has been found to be beneficial in helping lose weight. Another advantage is that this program helps a person to lose weight while at the same time a person remains active because he or she can be performing various physical activities.

lose weight

The best explanation that has been put forward is that this mechanism usually works by reducing the amount of carbohydrate intake below that required by the body. Therefore, the rate of metabolism usually exceeds that of intake which helps a person to lose a significant amount of weight.

       Carb cycling for muscle performance

Many people have explained that this program helps in ensuring that muscles are strong and rebuilt thus ensuring various activities to be done by the person such as sports.

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